My Creative Rage

Unbridled Creative Rage,

But it's like fun.

Everything I do has a level of severity that makes on-lookers concerned. I love my projects so much that it turns to hatred. They are perfected in the fiery passion of my embittered heart; I'm also a writer. I love learning new skills and working so much that I take on too much and cause back pains that I will be dealing with in the foreseeable future; my insurance company has included workaholism as a preexisting condition. If I'm not making, I'm consuming and learning more; on average, I watch 500+ films a year. It isn't showing through in my work, but it makes the room go silent at cocktail parties, and I'm left alone to watch more movies. I have won some awards, but more importantly, a CD at Grey London said I was "mental, but in a good way."

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