Morning Charcoal

I claim to be a jack of all trades; this is true, yet I still lack specific capabilities like water polo, humility, and too much shame drawing. I come from an "artsy fartsy" family, and they look at my crude drawings with disdain. I can admit that I'm not better and be the bigger person, but that's a lie, and I need to be better.

So every morning, I draw in charcoal, usually a portrait of someone, but mostly Paul Giamatti and other funny-looking actors.

My Uncle Tanner

This is from Cole bates
My Uncle, Tanner is a Fentanyl addict who is recently sober. For about 2 years he was homeless and my family didn't know if he was dead or alive. When the family re-gained contact with him, he decided to get clean, move in with his brother, and work. I have always wanted to capture his story through a candid interview. So many people experience addiction or a family member who is an addict, so I made this project to be a reminder that people who struggle with these types of things are humans with unique personalities and perspectives.


I was invited to perform some stand-up at a party but didn't want to tell jokes, so I suggested something else in line with the theme.

BYU Adlab Recruitment

The BYU Adlab has a unique recruiting fair that puts students in direct contact with the top agencies. Due to unforeseen circumstances, my graduating class would not get that chance. I and some students were tasked with coming up with a unique way to show the lab's capabilities and students.

So we made a cookbook, the only reasonable thing. Below is the cover and a link to the online version of the book.

Cole bates and I did the design, photography for the whole book and website.

Online Version





I have always done photography, and luckily, I get paid. Sometimes, here is a mix of product photography
and Candids.