Apple ProRes: Control Your Color

The iPhone 15's new camera shoots ProRes log, giving creatives even more control over their videos and color in post-production.

Copy Writer: Jack Dearden
Art Director: Cole Bates

Social Ads

Director Showcase

Along with social ads showing the power of the iPhone 15 Pro and Apple ProRes, we will launch 30-second short films with iconic directors shot and edited on the iPhone, utilizing the new ability to control color. We would also have a video masterclass discussing how they color their films.

iMovie Update

The iPhone 15 Pro is the first iPhone capable of shooting on Apple's ProRes log video codec. With this addition, iPhone users can control the post-coloring of their videos. However, iMovie does not currently allow color grading. Here, we have a proposed mock-up that takes Final Cut's color grading software and adds it to iMovie so iPhone users can unlock the full power of their cameras.