Enough Slander against the butterfingered; we believe that the butterfingers perhaps have the finest of fingers.

Art Director: Jane Reese
Copy Writer: Luke Strong & JACK DEARDEN
Cinematography: Alex Knight

Limited Edition Finger Polish

Our Nail Varnish is designed with the finest of fingers in mind. Refined color and elegant shine ensure your fingertips will be eye-catching and chip-free for longer than any other polish on the market.

Ingredients: Cocoa, Coconut Oil, Sugar

Limited Edition Hand Cream

Our hand-creme is formulated for those with the finest of fingers, utilizing fatu de Koko to activate the polymorphs in your skin, strengthening the structure and enhancing the luminosity of your fine fingers.

Ingredients: Cocoa, Palm Oil, Milk, Sugar

Limited Edition Hand (and Finger) Care

Smells like chocolate and tastes like chocolate; Hand Care that helps you unleash your inner "Butterfinger.".

Ingredients: Cocoa, Palm Oil, Milk, Sugar